Let your guest check in with their phones ^

Without downloading a single app

Be available where your guests spend their time – on their phones. Skip all the extras and let them use their own phones without downloading an app.

Mobile Check-in
Mobile check-in without app
Mobile Check-in
Mobile Check-in
Mobile Check-in
Mobile Check-in
Mobile Check-in

Custom Interface

Select your hotel’s logo and colors to
create a personalised and integrated experience.

Storage within EU

We are located in Norway with no data leaving EU to ensure GDPR compliance.

Mobile Check-in

Fast installation

Connects to your existing infrastructure, PMS and door locking system.

No downloading

Web-based application so guests don't have to download another app.

Why go app-less?

Surveys reveals that guests are reluctant to download more apps. They want simplicity and downloading apps are a hassle. The future of hospitality is defensively digital and on the mobile – but it’s also app-free.

mobile checkin solution for hotels

All-in-one mobile check-in ^

Without having to download an app, we let your guests check in digitally from their own device before arriving at the hotel. Key pickup can happen at a kiosk, reception desk, or digitally through Apple Wallet.

This will reduce queues and reception traffic, and enable your staff to face the guests and welcome them as they arrive. 

Appless mobile check-in app for hotels

No app needed ^

Our web application for hotels is fully web-based and does not require the guest to download any apps. Give your guest the full digital experience on their terms.

Appless mobile check-in app for hotels
mobile guest communication

Guest communication ^

Provide your guests with a handy information platform in their pockets at all times

This platform seamlessly integrates with our pre-check-in feature. For guests who haven’t utilised the pre-check-in, we send an SMS after they check in at our kiosk, containing a link that leads directly to the guest information.

The beauty of this platform is its flexibility—you can update the information as frequently as you wish. Feel free to include pictures, videos, and links to various events taking place at the hotel or in the surrounding area.

It’s a dynamic tool designed to enhance the overall guest experience.

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