Integrations ^

We go further in integrating our products with other hospitality solutions

Our products integrate right into your existing PMS and door look systems, as valuable add-ons to your portfolio of tools. Quickly and seamlessly.

The integrations to market-leading systems makes the installation of our hospitality solutions fast and easy. Let technology adapt to your business, not the other way around.


Solutions that fits right into your hotel's existing systems

Do you have a special request or looking for a third-party software integration for your hotel?

Our PMS integrations ^

Property Management
system integrations

Does your hotel use another type of PMS? We keep developing new integrations for our solutions. Let us discuss new integrations.

All our partners ^

DLS integrations ^

Door Lock
system integrations

Is your hotel using another door lock system? We keep developing new integrations for our hospitality solutions. Get in touch for more.


How we work with integrations

We develop integrations to market-leading systems that provide better operational support and insight than what a single system does. Our team of developers creates seamless integrations that simplifies the complexity of your digital system landscape.

Our products ^

Let your guests check in via their mobile phones without downloading an app. Bring your guests up to speed on a webapp with your hotels own branding.

We have a range of customisable kiosk solutions for hotels and travel companies.

A meetingroom display system for your conferance hotel.