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Seamless check-in with your branding!

Choose between wall-mounted, table-mounted or stand-alone check-in kiosks. Get more time to personally care about your guests now that you have an assistant working 24/7 without complaints!

People are moving towards an everyday digital life; why shouldn’t the hotels follow along? With our self-service kiosks, your guests can choose between the traditional reception, or skipping the line, reducing unnecessary face-to-face interaction. 

Personalise a unique experience with your hotel’s branding to let the kiosk become a natural part of your lobby. Fast onboarding and installation that connects to your existing PMS and the door-locking system make Arribatec the natural choice.

Self-service kiosk
Self-service kiosk
Self-service kiosk



Self-service kiosk

Your most efficient receptionist ^

Let your guests skip the line and check in on their own. Our self-service kiosks integrates with your hotel’s PMS and lock system in real-time, and works regardless if your hotel has a mix of mobile-enabled locks and other key solutions.

Why choose digital reception?

Less queue

Reduce long lines by letting guests check-in by themselves. A faster and smother check-in gives happier guests – Guaranteed!

Increased upsales

Increase additional sales without lifting a finger. Tailored offers based on the availability in current moment, enhancing their stay with everything from room upgrades, breakfast, SPA treatments or late check-out. 


Skip the paper and go green with a digital approach, allowing guests to send receipts to their phone or email. Guests will never miss important documents again.

Reduced costs

Our self-service solutions reduce the demand for staff in the reception which drastically lowered the costs for our clients. Cut the costs while also improving the guest satisfaction.

Self-service kiosk
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Best Western Rewards Program

Give your guest the opportunity to gain rewards through your own loyalty program at check-in. Watch the video of how Best Western captures future evangelists through their check-in kiosks.

Self-service kiosk

Stand-alone kiosks ^

With our newest product, the stand-alone kiosk, we have made an even better check-in solution for hotels.

The ‘plug & play’ kiosk includes a monitor, a key dispenser and a payment terminal. All components are built-in and ready to welcome your guests in seconds.

The Norwegian-developed stand-alone can also handle harsh Scandinavian weather. It’s water-resistant and weatherproof, meaning it can be operational outdoors all year round.

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Wall-mounted kiosks ^

Integrated check-in screens as a natural part of your lobby, customised to your location. Make the most of the lobby area and free up space with wall-mounted screens. We can also add elements like payment terminals by tailoring wall-mounted shelves that give a simplistic and clean look.

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Table-mounted kiosks ^

Create a dedicated self-check-in area in your lobby without table-mounted kiosks tailored to your hotel’s brand. Add multiple screens for a fast-as-possible check-in experience for your guests.

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Why self-service?

We develop our services around your needs. Whether you represent an independent hotel or a global hotel chain, this next-generation kiosk is the ideal solution for any hotel looking to reduce the workload at the front desk and relocate staff to focus on other value-added tasks. Similarly, your guests will appreciate skipping the queues and availability 24/7.

Self-service kiosk
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Optimise your hotel check-in experience ^

Custom interface

Select your hotel’s logo and colours to create a personalised and integrated experience in the lobby.

Simple and fast installation

Our self-service kiosks connects to your existing
infrastructure, PMS and door locking system.

Environmental friendly

Provide guests with digital receipts and information
directly to their mobile phone. 

Self-service kiosk
Self-service kiosk

Why is Arribatec different?

  • Develops the solutions together with the customer.
  • Adapts to the customer’s environment, so you don’t have to change existing routines and processes.
  • Integrate into the PMS system in a way that gives the solutions intelligence to understand bookings without manual handling.
  • SaaS-based with continuous updates without having to configure anything yourself.
  • Plug & Play: ready for use in two days.
  • Developed for Android, which makes our solutions easier, faster and smarter than other solutions on the market.
  • Located in Oslo, but can deliver globally.

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