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24/7 check-in & check-out without any staff interaction

Being able to thrive in the hospitality industry is all about providing great experiences and tailored uniqueness. We help you preserve your uniqueness in the digitalised world. Press the fast forward button with us.

Choose between wall-mounted, table-mounted or stand-alone kiosks tailored to your hotel and fully integrated with your PMS, loyalty program and more.

Get more time to personally care for your guests now that you have an cost effective assistant working 24/7 with great upsell skills and a personal touch.

Hotel check-in kiosk selfservice
Self-service kiosk
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hotel solutions for check-in and check-out

How are we different?

  • We develop our kiosk solutions together with you.
  • We adapt to your environment so you don’t need to change existing routines and processes.
  • We integrate with your PMS system in a way that gives the solutions intelligence to understand bookings without manual handling.
  • We are SaaS-based with continuous updates; no manual configurations.
  • We have a market leading support team that our clients love.
  • We develop for Android which makes our solutions easier, faster and smarter than other solutions on the market.
  • We are located in Oslo, but can deliver globally.
Self-service kiosk

Your most efficient receptionist ^

Let your guests skip the line and check in on their own with our hotel kiosk. The self service reception integrate with your hotel’s PMS and door-lock system in real-time and work regardless if your hotel has a mix of mobile-enabled locks and other key solutions.

Increase revenue ^

  • Tailored offers to your guests while checking in
  • Boost revenue – our kiosk never gets tired of selling
  • Room upgrade, activities, breakfast, SPA – it’s up to you
Self-service kiosk
Self-service kiosk
hotel solutions for check-in and check-out
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40% increase in loyalty members ^

Watch the demo of Best Western’s sign-up process. They increased their membership base for their reward program by 40% through their check-in kiosks.

Earn points

Hotel check-in kiosk selfservice

Become a member

Hotel check-in kiosk selfservice

Maintain loyalty

Hotel check-in kiosk selfservice

Get a free demo ^

Book a time for your online demo of our self service kiosks and learn how your hotel can benefit from our hospitality solutions.

Self-service kiosk

Add your membership....

Allow your guest to gain rewards through your own loyalty program at check-in. Quick and simple confirmation.

Self-service kiosk machine
Self-service kiosk
Self-service kiosk machine
Self-service kiosk

....or become a member quickly

The kiosk is a great gateway to ensure all guests are aware of your loyalty program and get the opportunity to sign up in a quick and seamless way.

Why choose Arribatec ^

Why choose digital reception?

Less queue

Reduce long lines by letting guests check-in by themselves. A faster and smother check-in gives happier guests – Guaranteed!

Increased upsales

Increase additional sales without lifting a finger. Tailored offers based on the availability in current moment, enhancing their stay with everything from room upgrades, breakfast, SPA treatments or late check-out. 


Skip the paper and go green with a digital approach, allowing guests to send receipts to their phone or email. Guests will never miss important documents again.

Reduced costs

Our self-service solutions reduce the demand for staff in the reception which drastically lowered the costs for our clients. Cut the costs while also improving the guest satisfaction.

The safe choice for daring hotel managers ^

We support those that want it the most. Press the fast-forward button and step into the future of hospitality with us. Get in touch to discover the benefits and opportunities of our digital hotel solutions.

hotel solutions for check-in and check-out
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Stand-alone kiosk ^

  • 100% unmanned
  • Plug-and-play
  • All components built-in

With our newest product, the fully unmanned stand-alone kiosk, we have made an even better check-in solution for hotels.

The ‘plug & play’ kiosk includes a monitor, a key dispenser and a payment terminal. All components are built-in and ready to welcome your guests in seconds.

Frichs Ekspress Åndalsnes installed a completely unmanned check-in kiosk

Wall-mounted kiosk ^

Integrated check-in screens as a natural part of your lobby, customised to your location. Make the most of the lobby area and free up space with wall-mounted screens. We can also add elements like payment terminals by tailoring wall-mounted shelves that give a simplistic and clean look.

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Table-mounted kiosk ^

Create a dedicated self-check-in area in your lobby with table-mounted kiosks tailored to your hotel’s brand. Add multiple screens for a fast-as-possible check-in experience for your guests.

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Optimise your hotel check-in experience ^

Custom interface

Select your hotel’s logo and colours to create a personalised and integrated experience in the lobby.

Simple & fast installation

Our self-service kiosks connects to your existing
infrastructure, PMS and door locking system.

Environmental friendly

Provide guests with digital receipts and information
directly to their mobile phone. 

Self-service kiosk

Book a demo of our check-in kiosks ^

Use the calendar tool to book a meeting with Fredrik and we will give you a proper demo of our hotel kiosk solutions.