About us ^

A part of Arribatec Group with operations across 30 countries

Arribatec Hospitality has its base in Oslo, Norway, at the headquarters of Arribatec Group.

We started our journey as Fácil back in 2016 with the idea of making the hospitality industry a more efficient and reduce wait time for guests. The need for smarter check in and check out experiences at hotels quickly came to the forefront of the conversions we were having. At this point we formed our mission, “We lead the way to the future of hospitality”. 


The hospitality story ^

In 2020 we became part of Arribatec Group, a growing technology company that already had a foot inside the hospitality industry. Together we formed Arribatec Hospitality – meaning that our clients could now benefit from the expertise, support and broad product offerings from a more prominent tech family.

Through the formation of key relationships and by integrating with some of the biggest providers of hotel and hospitality solutions, we aim to create seamless user experiences that enhance the guest experience and allow businesses, both large and small, to thrive through the use of modern technology.

We are a group of passionate technologists, entrepreneurs and problem solvers that have built a culture around hotel technology.

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Our products ^

A range of customisable kiosk solutions for quality-minded hotels and travel companies.

Let your guests check in via their mobile phones without downloading an app. Your own branding applied.

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hotel solutions for check-in and check-out

About Arribatec Group ^

Arribatec Group ASA is a global software & consulting company founded in 2015, listed on The Oslo Stock Exchange with headquarters in Norway.

Arribatec provides tailored digital solutions and consulting across industries and specialises in ERP, business intelligence and enterprise architecture, turning software and services into holistic solutions from a one-stop-shop.

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How we work with hotel innovations ^

Using technology to develop new hospitality solutions requires domain knowledge and industry expertise.

We gain our valuable insights directly from our customers, inviting them to influence the design and functionality of our new products. Hotel owners knows their guests and staff best, and we know the technology.

This allows us to create unique and people-oriented solutions for hotels worldwide.

hotel solutions for check-in and check-out

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hotel solutions for check-in and check-out