WayFinder ^

Helping conference hotels displaying meeting room occupancy and giving easy access booking

Choose between wall-mounted, table-mounted or free-standing check-in kiosk for your reception. Free up employee time for other valuable tasks and reduce the queue for your guests.

digital signage screens for conference rooms
digital signage screens for conference rooms

Display screens for conference rooms ^

Installed right outside the meeting room let you display the name of the room, the occupancy and schedule. Perfect for conferences with several ongoing courses, meetings or presentations.

A better conference experience ^

Custom interface

Select your hotel’s logo and colors to create a personalized and integrated meeting room display.

Simple and fast installation

WayFinder screens connects to your existing
infrastructure and is installed with a simple wall mount.

Easy navigation

Let your guests find information about the room name, the schedule of the meeting/conference and booking availability outside every meeting room.

WayFinder MeetingRoom
digital signage screens for conference rooms

WayFinder Features ^

Make it easy for conference guests to locate the right meeting room with names and signage.

Simple two-click booking of meeting rooms. Guests can check into a available rooms right away, end meetings early or book a future available slot.

User-friendly and modern touch screens.

Visual profile inline with the rest of the conference hotel. Add your own branding to the signage as you wish. Easy to update.

We have flexible prices that depend on the number of kiosks and models. Contact us for an assessment and a non-binding price offer.

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hotel solutions for check-in and check-out
hotel solutions for check-in and check-out

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