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The hospitality industry after the pandemic, insight in 30 minutes

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Learn how to drastically improve your customer experience and adapt to the digital change in the hospitality industry

With national and regional restrictions, hotels across the world had to think outside the box. Global players in the hotel industry predict a digital future. Customer expectations have changed!

In our post-pandemic webinar, you get to hear Jan-Tore Jacobsen (board member in Marriott, Hilton and Shangri-La) talk about the changes in the industry and what to expect from the digital change.

Learn about the new standard in quality assurance, ISO-31030, and listen to the sales manager at Arribatec Hospitality, Vincent Lee, talk about the importance of going digital.

Hospitality Industry Post Pandemic Webinar

“Our task is to ensure a unique stay for guests and at the same time give your staff time to focus on more value-creating tasks.”

About Arribatec Hospitality ^

Arribatec Hospitality deliver digital tools for the hospitality sector, powerful enough to save both staff and guests their time and effort while also improving the overall customer experience.

Our products include self-service kiosks, the world’s first holographic check-in experience, housekeeping management software and app-less mobile check-in.

All our products are scalable to fit minor hotels, mega resorts, cruise ships, public buildings as well as offices regardless of using outsourced or in-house services.

See you in the digital future!

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